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10461 Extractions

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Dental extractions in 10461

10461 extractions
10461 extractions

Whenever possible, we at Pelham Bay Dental Associates prefer to let you keep your natural tooth, but some are beyond the ability to repair successfully. When that is the case, you need our 10461 extractions. Fortunately, you can trust in our dedication to gentle, skilled care, as well as in the replacement of the lost tooth with a dental implant to restore your full smile.

A toothache is no fun. Yes, we know that’s an understatement. When you have one, it’s hard to think about anything else. And while not all toothaches result in our 10461 extractions, it is most certainly one of the possible signs. You should come in promptly for an examination and x-rays so that our dentist can determine what’s going on with your tooth and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Our 10461 extractions are performed under local anesthesia, so you can be certain of remaining comfortable throughout. Upon the removal of the tooth, you will be given a set of helpful instructions to guide you through the first 24 hours, so that maximum healing is promoted. Stick to softer foods in this time period; ones you won’t have to chew. Some examples are broth, gelatin, and pudding. Manage any discomfort after the anesthesia wears off by taking over-the-counter pain relief medication. An ice pack on the outside of your mouth is ideal for residual swelling, if present. Rinse frequently with warm salt water. And try not to exert yourself physically. If you are a good candidate for it, you can get a head start on a dental implant by having the post put in immediately after the tooth comes out.

Make sure that you reach out to our office right away when you have a toothache, whether or not an 10461 extractions is called for. We’re here when you need us.

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