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Dental Implants in the Bronx

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Dental implants in the Bronx

Just two basic components make up the whole of an implant, which seems very simple for something that does such an incredible job of replacing a tooth that you’ve lost. Here at Pelham Bay Dental Associates, you can look forward to a long time of having your complete smile. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a lifetime of use from our dental implants in the Bronx, providing that you take good care of them.

If your missing tooth is in the front, the reason for being motivated to restore it is obvious: you want to be confident that you have an aesthetically pleasing smile. That makes sense. But even if the tooth is not visible when you smile, your other teeth can shift, cause discomfort, interfere with efficient chewing, and even throw your jaws out of proper sync. So our dental implants in the Bronx are the solution you want and need. The first part, a titanium post, replaces the root that your real tooth used to have. That’s crucial. Having a root means that your facial contours are preserved, your gum and bone tissue do not atrophy, and your new tooth can chew even the toughest foods without any problem. It takes a few months for your jaw bone to grow around the post, but once that happens, your tooth-colored crown will be fashioned from impressions and then cemented to the post. That’s all there is to our dental implants in the Bronx. There are no messy adhesives to use, your other teeth will not be affected, and you can brush your implant and floss between it and your other teeth as normal. It looks, feels, and acts like a natural tooth.

Take advantage of our dental implants in the Bronx. They’re the next best thing to keeping your own teeth.

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