Teeth cleaning in Pelham Bay

Teeth Cleaning in Pelham Bay

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Dental cleanings versus periodontal cleanings in Pelham Bay

There are so many things you can incorporate into your daily routine to make sure that your dental health is in good shape. It’s also important that you schedule professional dental cleanings with your dentist. When it comes to teeth cleaning in Pelham Bay, we here at Pelham Bay Dental Associates can provide you and everyone in your family with the comprehensive dental care you need, including comprehensive dental cleanings. We can also provide patients with periodontal cleaning if gum disease is a factor.

There is a difference between brushing your teeth at home, professional dental cleanings, and periodontal cleanings. Brushing your teeth at home can help to get rid of every day plaque buildup, but there are still places that may be unreachable or areas you are not entirely able to clean thoroughly. This is where periodic dental cleanings come in with the help of your dentist. Here at Pelham Bay Dental Associates we provide patients with a biannual teeth cleaning in Pelham Bay that can help to get rid of this excess plaque and further prevent decay and disease. By seeing your dentist regularly, you stand a better chance of fighting off cavities and gum disease, but gum disease can be more common than you realize. If you end up developing this condition, you may end up requiring periodontal cleanings. Periodontal cleaning or more intensive than your regular dental cleaning, but they can help get at deeper pockets full of plaque and other areas that may have developed because of advanced to gum disease.

In addition to periodontal cleanings, depending on the severity of your gum disease, you may need specific types of treatment such as gum reattachment surgery or even begin taking antibiotics to completely restore your dental health. Tooth decay and gum disease are very serious conditions, and while dental cleanings can help to prevent cavities and gingivitis, periodontal cleanings are used to treat the latter. To learn more about teeth cleaning in Pelham Bay, call or visit us here at Pelham Bay Dental Associates.

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