Westchester Square endodontist

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Endodontics office in Westchester Square

The field of endodontics is a specialty that is related to performing root canals and doing follow-up care that is associated with them. These are procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that are best performed by an experienced expert, which is what you will get here at Pelham Bay Dental Associates.

Westchester Square endodontist

Root canal therapy is necessary for two common reasons. If you develop an infection inside your tooth, due to bacteria that has gotten past your tooth’s protective layers, that is one such instance. The other is when your tooth becomes knocked loose from its socket due to a traumatic injury or accident. The pulp is located adjacent to the nerve, down at the base of the tooth. Dental trauma causes it to be damaged. But whether it is damage or infection, the pulp will need to removed, along with the nerve. By doing so, our Westchester Square endodontist has a very good chance of saving your tooth. The success rate is about 90%, which should inspire confidence. Otherwise, the tooth would have to come out. And losing it means having empty space that will make you feel self-conscious about your smile, shifting of other teeth, and maybe less efficient chewing. Under local anesthesia, our Westchester Square endodontist removes the infected or damaged tissue, and then cleans the canals, disinfects them, and seals them off. Once completed, your tooth should be just as strong and durable as any other tooth, especially after being restored to full size and normal appearance with a dental crown. The entire procedure might take more than one session, especially for teeth with multiple canals. You can count on optimal comfort, though, thanks to the advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment that are used here.

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